Songs For Radio Silence

by A Brief Glimpse Into Me

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released April 8, 2014



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A Brief Glimpse Into Me Dublin, Ireland

A Brief Glimpse Into Me is Dublin based Michael Brady.

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Track Name: From Host To Ghost
A repulsive transmission
From host to ghost.
A one way system
Needed the most.

There’s less to be said outside
So we’ll drink your narcotic fire.
We’ll whisper “our veins bleed life”
And caress every bruise from a liar.

But you can’t see.

We’ll grow distracted,
I’ll notice and I won’t tell.
I’ll laugh at how you reacted
When I broke free from your cell.

The sky waves shift thousands of times
And then we’ll find ourselves back.
You’ll force out the knots in my mind
And I’ll run home and crack

Where you can’t see.
Track Name: Little Birds
Little birds that save the world
All whisper peacefully.
Chime along with all their songs,
They're waiting patiently.

Little birds know all the words
That will never harm a soul.
A gentle breeze blows throught the trees
Where they watch the folks below.

Listen to them sing.
Let their echoes ring.
Feel their moving sounds
Lift you off the ground.

Little birds aren't always heard
Above the choas of the plains.
They tip-toe down and wander 'round
Until serenity reigns.

Little birds years ago learned
To sing in harmony.
They raised their young to join as one
In the choir of the free.

Listen to them sing.
Let their echoes ring.
Feel their moving sounds
Lift you off the ground.
Track Name: I Swear By My Smile
There's no lie greater than "forever"
There's no lie greater than "everything's fine"
Both defined in equal measure
'Cause whispering would cross the line.

The scabs of smoke breathe something new
Curious whiffs of a different me
The dismal drinks and lustful fumes
Encompass me entirely

It'll breed if it's taken in my stead
No aid is worth what it would shred
So leave me in my den again
I swear I'm fine, my dearest friend
I'll sort this mess out in my head
With sleepless nights trapped in my bed
But don't take that as alarm for dread
It's how I prove that I'm not dead
Or maybe I'll crack or maybe I'll fall
But it's not like anyone cares at all
So leave me be, I'll say it again:
It's better for you if I'm not there.

Forever's young so try to forget.
Everything's fine, is that what you're looking for?
No secret's out, no secrets kept.
Well, there may be one. Or maybe more.
Track Name: wreck
cast off in the fog

take charge. you're keel hauled

your anger clipped the sail and it's wrecked

you took off alone. left your spirit at home
Track Name: The Difference III
Leave it all
Leave it all

Dream of worlds
Dream of worlds
You'll find

Or lucid at least

Forget the scent
You can't defeat

Your bored of the world's ecliptical ring
You bore your friends with innocuous things
Like this
Support of change does not exist
Leaving home is a distant bliss
So what's the point?

Contract and tense
And getting worse

Alive in my hearse

A sibling's gone
And escaped

Alone again
And frayed

Everything you do is a message unheard
The lives around you can't feel each word
Like this
Sealed and scared we're here again
Just you and me, your only friend:

Looking back
Was it fun?

Looking back
What have you done?
Track Name: The Bug In My Throat
Stutter and spout
These yonic convulsions will sprout
For everyone close enough to see

Inside it's far too loud
No matter how deep I breathe or shout
And it barely even makes sense to me

There's diligence in the moves I use
And care is taken never to
Abuse you
Use you

I slip on stains dropped from my lips
But you still catch me with a kiss
And it's always
Brand new

And when I fuck up all over again
Will you still be there
Or will I meet my end?

Cries die at every chance
Growls overheard by strangers who glance
At the freak whose wish is to live in a dream

I can't shut myself down
Every time a twitch pulls me out
Set off by an abysmal memory

I scold my lungs with the smallest fire
It's the closest I'll get to my head's pyre
Where I burn

I'm sick, I'm tired, I'm old news
I'm bored, I'm lost, I'm confused
And fucking

It's late again and I feel the same
And I'll only ever
have myself to blame

You've got enough to go through
The most that I can do
Is leave to
Help you

Don't let your pain drag on
You'll be better when I'm gone
I'm useless
To you

The bug in my throat has seized my words
So for another day
I won't be heard